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Let us be your Blissful Elf!!!

Sheryl Creech

Posted on December 11 2018

Let us be your Blissful Elf!!!

Come in the boutique and fill out a wishlist so you can get just what you want for Christmas!!! 

Mom, friends, grandparents, significant others, etc. can look at your wishlist for gift ideas and we will gladly help them with selections.

For the men in your life we know a women's boutique is the last place they want to go, so we can make it so easy for them...we can text, call or email recommendations from your list and let them decide what they would like to purchase.  Once they have made their selections we will have it wrapped and ready so all they have to do is pick it up!

On DECEMBER 18th we will DRAW 1 WISHLIST and fulfill it from Blissful Boutique for Christmas so make sure you come in a fill out a wishlist.

Look forward to having a Blissful Bag under the tree!

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