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Social Media Shopping!

NEW Way to Shop on Social Media

We now have 2 ways to purchase from Blissful always you can purchase right here from our website…but now we are also introducing into our mix CommentSold; another way to easily purchase through our social media channels, simply comment key words and it ends up in your 🛒!


1️⃣ How to Get Started -> Register


-Pre-register by clicking this link: OR

-Comment: Register during our Virtual Blissful Experience on our Facebook Page on Thursdays @ 8:00pm


Be sure to check the "Send to Messenger" box as this is the way of getting notified of the items you have claimed or waitlisted (see below)


You can also connect your Instagram account so that you can shop both social media channels.



2️⃣ Claim Your Item -> Comment


SOLD is the key word to comment to claim yours + item number (only needed during lives)  + the size or color that you would like

Your item will instantly be carted!


Example for lives:

Example for posts:   



Key things to know when commenting:

🔸Each keyword must be spelled correctly and in the format or it will not be carted

🔸Even if an item is sold out STILL comment, you will automatically be WAITLISTED.  If the person before you that claimed the item doesn't complete their checkout within 2 will then be notified it is yours!

🔸Use one comment per item, do not include multiple items in one comment string

🔸If you make a mistake in the comment and try to "edit" the system will not pick it up correctly.  You will need to make a brand new comment completely for the item to be processed



    An automated link will be sent to your messenger as well as your email for you to checkout.  You will have 2 hours after your claim to complete checkout or the item goes to the next person on the waitlist that wanted the item.   The link will take you to your CommentSold checkout page.


    • You can comment and add as many items as you would like before checking out.



    All store policies remain the same no matter which option you choose to purchase!