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Customer L❤️VE

"What a quaint little shop. Wilson has a unique little shop to explore. I will definitely be back!..." CM


My experience was FANTASTIC, i honestly don’t know the 2 girls names that helped me but they were GREAT & very patient with me! I went in there not having a clue of what I wanted & walked out with 2 pair of pants, 2 shirts & 2 pairs of shoes! I will definitely be revisiting your store! Thank you!  SH


I am from South Carolina and am visiting Wilson since my fiancé works here for a few weeks each year. I felt so welcome and special yesterday visiting Blissful Boutique!  My visit to your boutique made my day and I can’t wait to visit again!  I will be sure to refer others to your boutique. Thank you for being such a wonderful example of positive customer service and for sweet employees that make customers feel wonderfully about themselves. I love everything I purchased from your boutique!!  AM


Thank you!! I love your store and merchandise and Saturday was my first time visiting the store. Wonderful employees as well :) CB


Thank you so much for being so helpful yesterday. Good customer service is hard to find now days, and it was wonderful to go into your store and receive such personal assistance.  SH


I just wanted you to know how much I love your boutique! I shop there weekly in some shape or form! Everyone always complements my outfits.  Instagram is my weakness, because I literally want everything you post! I've already told people that for Christmas I would like what I like to call "Blissful's Closet." Thank you for having such cute outfits at such a reasonable price! I hope you have a great day! 😊 CB


Loved everything that I purchased! I actually wore the copper colored shirt I purchased from you in my engagement secession last night! It was perfect. Thanks again!  JA


You are too sweet !! I just love the  boutique and all your lovely items. New stuff is awesome.  Thank you for always being so helpful when I come in to shop . Love all the deals :-)  CG


I'm very excited. I follow your store on Instagram. You always have such cute things! I need/want to plan a time when I can come check it out in person! Thank you for the easy check-out process and fast shipping!!  AM


Thank you for reaching out! The staff was just exceptionally wonderful. Oh the atmosphere was just so pleasant and I know that the Lord is always in the midst of all you do! I look forward to seeing you soon!   EB


I had a wonderful experience on Saturday!  I discovered your store through a brief chat with one of your employees at the YMCA...she told me all about the store and I had to stop in, so glad I did - what a gem! KC